Driver Points Standings

Drivers above in green have won one of our eight races and are therefore eligible to be Cup For The Chaser Champion

Team Standings

  Total Points of
  Two Drivers Above  

 Behind Leader 

Rich 214
257 -78
262 -83

Our Eight Races 
(Dates in red = race was run and all points/standings updated on this site)

 Race #: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
 Sprint Cup 4/6    4/26   5/10    6/8    7/13    8/3    8/17   8/23 
 Nationwide 4/4 4/25 5/18 6/14 7/12 8/2 8/16 8/22
 IndyCar 4/13 4/27 5/10 6/7 7/12
8/3 8/17 8/24
 Whelan Modifieds   4/6 4/27 6/6 6/21 7/12
8/8 8/13 8/20

How To Play
The top drivers from different auto racing series (Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Whelan Northern Modifieds & IndyCar) compete against each other in one points system.

How Are Drivers Chosen & How Can Us "FANS" Participate?
*  Top Two Points Leaders in Each Series:  The top two drivers in each series from last year that stay in their same series this year are automatically entered into our contest and cannot be chosen by fans.  These drivers are identified in the Drivers Point Standings above with their respective series in parenthesis.
*  Fan Picks (How You Can Play, Too!):  Each fan that plays our game will pick two drivers who didn't qualify based on the Two Points Leaders qualification criteria above.  Fans will have their drivers for the entire year and cannot pick two drivers from the same series.

Points system:  
*  Our Eight Races:  Eight races for each series are scheduled above in which drivers earn points for our contest.
*  Finishing Position:  A driver earns the same number of points as their finishing position in each of his (or her) eight races.  So, the less points a driver has, the better.  If a driver doesn't participate in one of our eight races, then they will be given 40 points for that race.
*  Position In Actual Real-World Points System:  On 8/24 (the end of our eight races), each driver also adds his current position in the actual real-world points standings 
to the total number of points he accumulated during our contest. This will bring into account how the driver did overall throughout the majority of the actual real-world racing season.

Cup For The Chaser Champion:  Will be the driver (not fan) in our contest who has the least amount of total points AND has won at least one of our eight races in his series.

Fan Awards 
 Prize Given To Fan 
 1)  Fan Champion:        Fan picks the driver who wins the
                                                         Cup For The Chaser Championship

To be determined
 2)  Fan Driver Award:    Fan whose driver finished highest of all fan drivers and
                                                         has won at least one of our eight races in his series
                                                         (only awarded if there is no Fan Champion)

To be determined
 3)  Fan Team Award:    Fan whose team (two drivers points totals added
                                                         together) finished highest of all fan teams

To be determined
 4)  Shame Award:         Fan whose driver finished lowest position of all fan drivers  
To be determined

Year Cup For The Chaser Champion Fan Champion Fan Driver Fan Team Shame Award
2014 Doug Coby None Rich (Hunter-Reay) Jim Ryan (K.Busch)

          2014 Cup For The Chaser!